Diocese of Oxford

About All Saints' Church Choir
Rotherfield Peppard

Organist and Director of Music Nigel Wallington BSc ARCS ALCM
Email: organist@chord.demon.co.uk
Tel: 0118 948 2191
Assistant Organist
Junior Choirmistress Rebecca Bell
Tel: 0118 972 2967
Choir Secretary Keith Atkinson MBE BSc D.UCL
Tel: 0118 972 2844

The Choir consists of 14 adults and a similar number of choristers. Rehearsals for adults take place after Evening Prayer each week. The Junior Choirmistress holds rehearsals on Friday evenings. On the third Sunday morning of each month, the choristers and their music play a major part in the content of the Family Service. The children are invited to sing at a number of weddings and they also enjoy an annual outing.

Anthems and settings of the canticles feature regularly in the service music. The Church is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music and the Choir takes part in many RSCM events. Our Choir Secretary is responsible for organising the RSCM Oxfordshire Annual Choirs' Festival (9th October, 1999; 14th October, 2000; 13th October, 2001; 12th October, 2002; 11th October, 2003; 9th October 2004; 8th October, 2005). The choristers attend RSCM training events in Oxford and further afield. Training for RSCM awards is a major part of the choristers' work and, over the years, many have been awarded Bishop's Chorister medals and sung in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. In 2001, All Saints' had four members of the RSCM Southern Cathedral Singers (Students) and was represented at Portsmouth Cathedral on 5th January.

In 1992, the Choir sang in Guildford Cathedral and, more recently, has sung in churches in Gloucestershire, Dorset and Northamptonshire and also in the Chapel of our Patron, Jesus College, Oxford. (Jesus College Chapel Choir sang at All Saints' in July 2000 - a pleasant reciprocal occasion.) On 24th March 2001, the Choir sang Choral Evensong at the Church of SS Peter and Paul, Nether Heyford and, on 9th February 2002, participated in the Henley Deanery Choirs' Festival. On 23rd February 2002, it was again privileged to sing Choral Evensong at Jesus College, Oxford.

Please contact any of the music staff if you or your children would like to consider joining the Choir, or if you would like more information about the Choir and its activities.

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The Choir, April 2000
The Choir of All Saints' Church, Rotherfield Peppard and Friends
at SS Peter and Paul, Nether Heyford on Saturday, 1st April, 2000

The Choir, May 1999
The Choir of All Saints' Church, Rotherfield Peppard
photographed before Evensong on Whitsunday, 23rd May, 1999
Music for the service included:
Preces and Responses (Grayston Ives)
Evening Canticles (Sumsion in G)
and the anthem
"Listen sweet dove" (Grayston Ives)

The Choir, June 1993
The Choir of All Saints' Church, Rotherfield Peppard
June 1993

All Saints' Church Choir, Rotherfield Peppard